Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Style Queen Christina Hendricks

She looks like a statue or like a Botticelli woman with her flawless white skin and bright red hair. Christina Hendricks is the epitome of beauty and her style is retro chic. All these vintage-like gowns she chooses are perfect for her in every occasion. From the first time I saw her in that lavender dress I knew that she was never going to disappoint me with her stylist selections. Christina Hendricks don't change cause you are my Style Queen.

Friday, 15 November 2013


BSB is a well known Greek fashion company with very good vibe in their clothes.
They keep up with international fashion trends and create a complete look for women all over.
The quality of their clothes is very good and the prices reasonable (most of the times).  If they fix the sizing problem (there is NO one size category of people in the world) and make their clothes for more curvy women and not just for the models in the catalog I will be a devoted fan.